SCT Email Tune

SCT Email Tune


Email tuning is just what it sounds like, it is offsite tuning done via email. Email tuning is a convenient way to get your vehicle tuned if you do not have a dyno or tuner close by.

How does this work you might ask?

During your purchase of a Tuner or Email tuning package from us we will collect some information from you about your vehicle and the modifications done to it. Next we will write you a base tune for the modifications done to the vehicle and install the tune on the device or email it to you. The next step is to datalog the vehicle.

Items needed to datalog:

  • SCT tuning device
  • A laptop with SCT Livelink downloaded
  • The correct cable for your device

Step 1:

We will instruct you on what parameters to log and how long to log. After you have completed this step, you can email us the datalog file and we will make any needed adjustments.

Step 2:

After the adjustments have been made to the tune, we will email it back to you. Then you will need to download the tune to the device and upload it to the vehicle. 

Step 3:

Datalog the vehicle again per our specifications and email us the new log. These steps will need to be preformed a few times to ensure all the parameters are correct. 

So hows all this work?

We are able to do this from years of experience tuning thousands of vehicles with many different combinations. We offer tuner packages with custom tunes or email tuning. As long as you own an SCT device or tuning software we can build, modify, or create tunes.

Things to remember:

Email tuning is only as good as the users, it takes time and feedback between both the tuner and the customer. Vehicle age and condition are factors with email tuning. Vehicle are subject to parts installed incorrectly, deterioration with age (vacuum leaks, running hot or cold, poor maintenance, ect) These are unknown factors on the tuners end as the vehicle has not been physically inspected by us. It is up to you as the customer to ensure your vehicle is in proper mechanical condition. If something does not seem right, do not hesitate to ask us, we are happy to help! Note: Not all combinations are able to be email tuned. 

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