W140AX 2.3L Whipple. 03/04 Cobra

W140AX 2.3L Whipple. 03/04 Cobra

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Replace your stock eaton with an upgraded Whipple unit. 

This is a direct bolt on replacement for the factoy eaton. The W140AX is capable of 25 psi!

Whipple is known to deliver! 

Whipple superchargers produce more air flow per rpms at lower temps and less parasitic losses. 


  • Can produce 25 psi
  • 13 PSI out of the box
  • Direct bolt on
  • Over 80hp increase @ 13psi

Note: Custom tuning and fuel system upgrades will need to be done to the vehicle with the addition of a Whipple supercharger. 

Please choose correct inlet type for throttle body in the drop down menu. Note, blower kits do not come with a throttle body unless noted. 

Throttle Body/Inlet Style:
PSI W/stock lower:
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